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Mar 29, 2013

Insurance Policy for the Unborn

Malaysia will soon become the next US in terms of medical expenses. Seriously! Have you seen rates lately??! Yeah, i know that the pricey ones are of course the private medical centres and the government hospitals are still available for those who are tight in their pockets (i'm speaking for myself here aite.). But comfort and reliability has always been an issue there.
Anyways, to avoid facing the unforseen with nothing, mr kiki and moi has decided to sign up for a policy which covers baby right from NOW till he's well into the tender age of 25.
Was recce-ing policies upon policies and we shortlisted 2 of the best (IMHO) - Prudential's PRUmy Child and Allianz PowerLink. One good thing about PRUmy Child is that is covers Unborn Baby as well as Mother. Which the latter does not have. So if anything is to happen to me during the pregnancy, that'll be on my own pockets lah. But i know that Allianz is cheaper and a little more flexible on the maturity age etc.
Our reasons for taking up policy:
1. The crazy medical bills in Malaysia
2. Critical medical conditions are not rare and could strike at anytime (malang tak berbau)
3. We could only hop for the best during childbirth, but in any way baby has to be intubated or will be born a preemie, he's covered.
4. Medical card
5. The policy also acts as savings for his education; which is another story altogether
6. If anything unforseen is to happen to the payor, policy will continue till he reaches the maturity age of 25 (at least i can rest in peace here)
After much thought and consideration, we decided to sign-up baby with Allianz. So.. Alhamdulillah, now baby will be insured (we got the call informing us of the successful application).
Will update again soon. I'll add more details & info on the policy.
pss: Baby will be 24 weeks / 6 months tomorrow!


  Major rant! Back and pelvic area aching like hell today!

Mar 26, 2013

Kicking it Momma!

Updates from: the syioks of life - Movement baby dlm perut :)

Whoa! Baby was surprisingly active last night! Was around 11-ish towards midnight, he was kicking and jabbing the whole time. Hehehee. Kiki got his first real feel of the kick too and just as he placed his hand over the tummy, baby decided to give a super strong one! And i think thats the strongest i've ever felt him kick/jab.
This little one's a fighter! Alhamdulillah. What a sign to show me he's all well and fine in his enclave. This morning's a little weird. He's not usually active in the morings, but today, i can feel him wiggle even now as im typing.  :)
Super excited and happy!


Mar 25, 2013

Bump Update - 23 weeks

Baby Naming! Ada apa pada nama...?

Ada apa pada nama....? Ada apa? Ada apa? Cewaah... So skang semua orang dah tau kan that the LO's a boy, so nak cite skit pasal name chosing.
Punyalah semangat actually mase tak tahu lagik the gender. I actually dah ade nama perempuan untuk LO, sampai dah termimpi2lah panggil LO ngan nama tu. Skali, jeng jeng jeng... Boy.
Anyways, kitorg pun belek2 lah website2 baby names. Ade gak Google apps for baby names, tu pun kitorg install gak. Semangat lah katekan.
Okay, now ade apa pada nama? Nak pilih nama tu bukannyer senang2. Nak kena make the right choice.
1. Always remember nama tu akan stick to the baby dari saat dia lahir and sampai di akhirat
2. Remember, nama dia tu doa gak, insyallah if disebut berulang ulang kali, boleh menjadi betul. So jgn lah letak nama yg terlalu unique tapi maksud dia tak elok. Takut tak elok pulak jadi nya nanti.
3. Okay, once dah dapat maksud yang elok, pikirlah jugak nama tu boleh diterima masyarakat ke idak. Takut nanti kat skolah jadi bahan ngan dak2 lain. Contoh, nama 'Zakar'. Memang lah maksud elok, but imagine kalo jadi bahan nanti. Or 'Osama'; tak ke menyusahkan dia nanti bila nak kena cross international borders. Lagi2 ke countries yg Islam-ophobic.
4. Jangan terlalu ikut trend time pilih nama (ni my personal opinion lah), nak ke nanti kat satu class je ada 4 orang Danish? Tak best.... kukiukiuk
5. Nama tu tak payahlah panjang2 sangat.. Even if nama panjangnyer tu bawak maksud yang elok2, tapi bila terlalu panjang or complicated nak sebut, org pendek2 kan je. And nama pangillan tu langsung tak bermaksud apa2. Contoh hubby saya je lah, maksud Marzuki tu 'Rezekiku', tapi bila dipanggil 'Kiki', langsung takde maksud. Tak ke rugi? Saya pun sama, tapi nama saya Shereena maksud dia tak best sgt pun, so takdelah rasa rugi sgt kan. heheheeee
Hmm.. So the past days, bila jumpa satu nama yang macam best, the whole day try to sebut nama tu. Just nak tgk rase pelik or okay. Nama depan dah jumpa and confirm, just the second name je.
Finally, smalam we found it... Taknak btaw dulu! Tunggu bile LO dah selamat dilahirkan nanti k. Hamboi... Semua nak bgtau, tak best lah nanti kan. Hahahaaa
Anyways, baby name sites yg reliable as below:
PS: Kita tak semestinya amik nama Arabic or Malay je. Allah S.W.T. fasih all bahasa and as long as the name holds a good meaning even in other origins/language, its fine. We are Muslims, not Arabs :)

Mar 19, 2013

Kaki Gajah


Kakiku yang serupa gajah. Buruk!

My 22 weeks scare

Now listening to:
Since the last update, i have been reminded constantly by Baby that he exists, but since a coupla days back, his movements seems to have vanished. I remember at 21weeks i could feel the movements at night, especially when i'm couching in front of the telly.
I'm so worked out about this 'not-feeling-a-thing' issue that i could see myself poking around to 'wake' him up. To see if i could just get the slightest of response. Unfortunately, it don't work that way.. I felt it this morning though, but it was just that one time.
Being the freak that i am, i consulted Google. *blush.. i know i should consult my doctor first, what what the hell, i wanted to calm my nerves - FAST* Apparently, its normal for us not to feel baby's movement all the time until we reach 28weeks. That's when baby has grown bigger and his kicks and punches become more consistant and regular and definitely stronger.
Hmmm.... Lets figure this out togther and see the logic. Ngee..

At 22 weeks:

1. Baby mesaures about 28cm from crown to heel
2. Baby is still tiny and has not developed baby fat yet
3. Baby still able to turn topsy-turvy since there's still much room
4. Baby's fists and feets are as big as our pinky

So... baby's probably moving as i type and i could have not felt it sinc the placenta is cushioning it out. I don't think i should be too worried (or should i?). Baby will grow, insyallah, and i will be hoping to feel the movements getter more consistant and regular.
More updates soon!

Mar 13, 2013

the syioks of life - Movement baby dlm perut :)

Dah masuk 21weeks 4 days as of today. Baru minggu ni dapat betul2 rase baby gerak2. Sronok weih! Hahahaaa. Doctor kate maybe before this dah rase cuma tak tau nk bezakan its hunger pangs or baby's movement. Biaselah kan.. First experience. Skarang ade scare baru pulak. Bile tetiba cam lama je tak rase die gerak, cuak sendiri. Actually takyah risau pun, baby msih byk ruang nk buat somersaults, so tak semestinyer setiap pergerakan dia kita leh rase.
Smalam baby paling active! Dari pagi sampai ke tgh malam rase die nye movement. Petang je kott kurang. Hahahaaa... Nampak nyer, ade lagi satu batman in the family. Doa2 yang nanti biler die dah kluar, habit berjage tgh malam tu kurang. If masih sama gak mcm time die dalam perut, habislah...
Okay, sambung update lagi nanti :)

Mar 11, 2013

Let's talk about sex...! 21 weeks detail scan

Last Sunday ade detail scanning and dating ngan baby. Bedebar and excited gile hokay. I'll let the scans do the talking.. Holla guys, meet Baby ...

Do you see it.....? Heheheeee. Meet my little exhibitionist!

And from the bontot! Baby moonlighting me! Clear as day :)

So now you know. Baby's a BOY! Clear giler kan. Doctor pun gelak je tgk die menayang parts die tu. Mmg tak reti nak cover langsung! Alhamdulillah, all the organs developing fine. Heart takde problem, perut takde problem, tulang belakang and skull ok. Uterus where it should be..
Papa die happy sangat biler dapat tau yang baby boy and sihat. Skang die leh ade best fren baru. Chaitt!

My baby's a thinker! Heheee. Runsing nak pose macam mane lagi.

SMILE!! Hello Mama & Papa!

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