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Jan 21, 2013

1st pregnancy bump picca - 14wks 3ds

big? small?

Finally got to bring myself to snap a picca of my bump! Yeay! 14weeks already! Buhbye 1st trimester, hellooo 2nd trimester! Alhamdulillah all is well and i cnt wait for the next scan. Gender reveal? Hehehee.

Jan 16, 2013

Quick Maternity Wear fixes - Rubberband Trick

Do you dread the transition from your normal pre-pregnancy clothes to maternity wear? I know i am. My bulge is not big enuff to fit snugly into maternity pants, but my daily pants are starting to make me feel super uncomfortable.
Ended up buying lycra loose pants in all colours, then i simply got bored and i can't do too much of a rotation especially to work. Im not so much of a dress/skirt person, so no go for dresses.
There is however a few tricks that will enable you to keep using your old pants. (1) the rubberband and (2) the pregnancy band.
For the rubberband trick. All you need is a sturdy rubber band, those thick ones that'll you use for your ponytails.
Don't use the thin ones. They don't last!

Sorry, was sitting down when i snapped e pix! Should've worn two bands, but couldn't be bothered :)

Steps (A):
(1) Slide rubberband through button hole
(2) Loop both ends to your button
pic source: Google images
Steps (B) - for when your bulge gets a little bigger:
(1) Make a loop on the button hole
(2) Loop the end to your button
Have fun trying!

Jan 15, 2013

Stokke® Xplory® VS. Quinny Moodd

I know its still a little too early to be puchasaing baby stuffs, but i belief that i should get a start since im already at 3 months. Not planning on going goo-goo gaga buying everything, but lets get the big stuffs out of the way (i also do not want to be burdened with the huge shopping list towards the end of pregnancy). Majors will be the stroller and car seat.
If u know me well enuff, you should know i'm a big big fan of Stokke®! The most innovative creations that allows you to use a particular product (stroller/high chair/cot) for years without ever being scared that they wont last or pass the durability test. They are also adjustable to fit the age of your kid. In other words, their product grows with your child.

It's interesting to know that you can fit your Xplory with the most usable of accessory range like the Sibling Board which allows big brother/sis to stand on, the car seat adapter to fit Maxi-Cosi, Peg-Perego and Graco, etc. 
Click here for product information
I could go on and on and on about the Xplory BUT i have to have you prepared for the price tag. Its a massive RM5k! Enuff to pay for a down-payment on your new car. Hahaaaha. But if $$'s not an issue, its definitely worth every single sen.
Now that i've dropped the bombshell, i would like to introduce you to Quinny Moodd. Another alternative to Stokke. Nice new modern look and feel, like the fact that it has a one-button automatic unfold system but only the handle height is adjustable and not seat height (which is rather important especially if you are out in a crowded area or for those times you would want to raise the seat and use it as a highchair).

Quinny Mood also allows for usage with Maxi Cosi car seats which is also a plus. The downside on the Moodd is that its footrest is a little too short for a 2 year old thus leaving the poor tot having to dangle his feet. As all other Quinny strollers, the Moodd also hasis also compatible with Maxi Cosi car seats with the adapters, even the latest Maxi-Cosi Prezzi (promises the ultimate comfort and uses a hi-tech anti-crash system)! Wow!

The chasis/frame for the Moodd also comes in two choices; black & white. Personally, i'd love to have the white frame but am afraid that it'll get dirty due to constantly having it in and out of the trunk.

Another plus for the Moodd is its huge back tyres that's air pumped and not those hard plasticky types that you find on cheaper strollers. This makes maneuvering a bliss even on hard and rocky surfaces, ensuring paseengers' comfort!

So there you go! The best is still Stokke, no doubt. :)

My progress today: 13w 3d

12wks 4d Ultrasound & Obimin

Yesterday i went for my 12 weeks ultrasound. Was feeling a little anxious about the scan actually, knowing that i've not been taking 110% care of my nutrition intake and my wellbeing. Opps!
The doctor i met yesterday wasn't really friendly. Exchanged 'hellos' and she just looked at me with a smile on her face. Err.. Who should start? Me? Should i start asking her "How are you feeling today doctor?" or "How's the little one doing now?" Pffft. Finally she looked at my charts and asked me the number of times i've been to the clinic before directing me to the examination bed.
Phewww.. I was about to think that i'm in the wrong room.
Funny thing was, i had expected to do the scan with the probe thingy. Since the earlier one was done with that, i was ready to pull down the pants when the assistant told me that we'll only be doing the normal u/s. Heheee. Paisey already *blush*.
As the image start to show on the monitor, i could clearly see that it has grown more than triple its size from the month earlier! Yeay! Then as the scanner was moved across, doctor started her explaining...
"See the head?" awww... now that's one helluvva big head. hahaa.
Probbing summore...
"See the line there? That's the spine." owwh...
Probbing summore. Baby couldn't keep still and the measurements cant's be done.
"Ah.. See the heartbeat? Its so strong and beating fine."
Probbling summore and with a little pressure applied, "Those white parts at the top are the baby's hands"
Alhamdulillah.. That was all i could say in my heart. This time hubs knew what he was seeing and he got all excited.
Can't really get a perfect print since baby was squirming and doing somersaults too much. The print came out eventually and the best didn't show the full form of baby. Well.. I could remember vividly what we saw and that's good enuff.

pls don't mind the crinkled print. i was given this :(

I was a little reluctant to leave the room since the doctor really isn't telling me much. I needed assurance "Doc, you think the baby's growing as it should? Is the heartbeat alright? Is there a need to worry?"
"The heartbeat's really strong. Don't you worry, baby is turning and moving its hands and legs and that's a good sign of a strong heartbeat."
Okay.. Thanks doc. Anyways, since i'm already into the 3rd month, doc prescribed me with Obimin. Problem is..... i totally forgot to ask the doc if i should still be continuing with the Folic Acid or should i stop. Spent the whole night Google-ing benefits of Obimin, to continue or stop folic acid etc etc etc. There were too many conflicting answers. Some were good and there are the -ves too. Too long to actually list them down in this post. Maybe i'll do it in another post altogether.
Till later.. Toodles!

Jan 2, 2013

Cheapo Reliable Maternity Jeans

Bought meself 2 pairs of maternity jeans! Not that i need it already, but since im starting to show a little and my normal pants simply don't fit (senak hokay bile pakai skang), so what the heck.
Went searching for 'em at OU. Went to Modernmum, bleeurgh. Expensive (RM150) and not really to my liking. Even the material was so-so :( Then as we stepped into Jusco, there it was! Racks upon racks of maternity bottoms! The jeans that we saw earlier at Modernmum is sold for only RM49! Yes! Since i reckon i'll be using them for only a coupla months prior to birth (and most prolly not be wearing 'em nomore till well after a year or so?), RM49 is definitely a steal. Got myself 2 pairs, one in each colour.
Browsed thru the net today and found some interesting sites for those mummies-to-be who are crafty and would like to have a DIY maternity jeans. Super simple to-do projects! Amazing... But since i do not own nor know how to operate a sewing machine, i'll have to settle for RM49.
DIY Maternity Jeans/Pants Tutorials
2. DIY Maternity - (Out of this world gorgeousness!)
i'll leave you to drool over DIY Maternity and asking urself if you'll ever be able to bring yourself to even start on one. Ngeee. Enjoy ladies!
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