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Nov 21, 2012

Minum Susu semasa Kehamilan

Ever since the day i found out, there have been numerous tips shared to me :) Semua i will take in and absorb ye. If not all yet, slowly but surely. Antara yg paling kerap dengar is 'Minum susu banyak2. Nanti tulang baby cepat membentuk.' Me? Susu?? Biar betul............................................
Siape yg mmg dah kenal sheena lame, luar dah dalam, mmg tau, i don't take anything dairy. Because of (1) mmg tak ske bau and rase die and (2) lacto intolerant. So bukan buat2 hokay. Body saya mmg takleh nk terima susu, nanti purging n cirit birit.
Tapi oleh kerana tau ia sangat2 penting, i tried it nontheless. Bukan maternal milk pun, it was Anlene. Tapi, i insisted it must be flavoured. So sayangku belikan gak Dutch Lady Strawberry. Ni mmg sure leh minum. heheheeee..

Hasil tangkapan ku. Verdict - Memula nak bau pun boleh muntah. Bluweeek bluweeek. Bukan morning sickness ye kengakawan, mmg takleh nak bau. Teguk gak and now, dah biase ngan taste and bau die, no more ngedik2 nk muntah. BUT. Since i am lacto intolerant, i have been getting severe cirit birit. Sampaikan rase mcm air je yang kluar. Takut pun ade. So next week, jmp doctor (yeay! my first antenatal appointment!) nk tanye if okay ke tak. Tapi kan... itu just the first 2-3 days je. Then cirit tu dah ilang. Maybe badan dah imune kott ngan lacto. Subhannallah... Kuasa Allah kan, ngan izinNya, now i can drink milk for my baby :|
Anyways............ Back to maternal milk. Google punye Google, baru terfikir kat diri sendiri. Nape tak minum maternal milk je kan? Lagi banyak nutrients die. Hahahaa. Sengal gak aku ni kengkadang. Maybe this gaji baru beli. Nak try mintak samplers first.
Choices pun banyak. Ade Friso Mom Gold, Anmum Materna, Mamil dan lain-lain. Any ideas mane yg okay? Mane yg tak rase sgt susu nyer tu.
My progress: 5W 5D
Development: Click here
Salam semua, doakan all is well for us ya. :)

Nov 20, 2012

Temperature Spikes in Early Pregnancy

I was beginning to worry on my lack of the normal symptoms usually associated with pregnancy. Yesterday however, just as i reached home, i felt funny.
Tetiba temperature badan naik mendadak. Not like just naik, but i was literally having goosebumps and was shivering. Tapak kaki plak sejuk membeku. Nak kate malam smalam sejuk, tak pun. Nak jadikan cerita, Marzuki plak keje lewat. Nak tak nak terpaksa tahan jelah.
Nak tido pun tak boleh. So baring2lah depan sofa. Time tu nk sgt makan ubat, but teringat everyone advising me against taking any meds without doctors consulatation. Called mama and she said to take one panadol. Just one to reduce the temperature, but i went against it. So tahan jelah. Ayah pulak dah woried and called tanyer how i am.
Sibok dok google kat babycentre psl temperature spikes. Luckily cam ramai jer yg experience the same thing.
Ape2 pun, alhamdulillah, die balik je, panas pun kebah. And... Dapat mkn KFC!!


Nov 18, 2012

5 Weeks - Symptoms and selera makan ilang

Today im entering the 5W mark. Call me paranoid, but seeing its my first, i really need to familiarise and understand my body.

Semua org ckp yg 1st trimester ni the most challenging, psl hormonal changes yg mendadak. But im not feeling it. Maybe im the lucky few yg tk teruk kn hit with the infamous Morning Sickness.

Yang pelik nyer, i lost all my appetite for food. Perut dh macam keroncong teruk, but i takde rs langsung nk makan. Tak tau nk makan. So paksa diri lh gak nk telan roti ke, mee sedap ke.

Satu lg symptom is my lost of symptom. Mase 3W - 4W, my nipples n breast rase sore, tp skang ni, cam dh takde pape rase. Worried hokay........

Yg ke3. I have crampings mcm sebelum peyed nk sampai. Ni yg memula buat i paranoid. Yelah, mane tak paranoid, dh lah kite tau kite preggy, then leh plak rase cramping mcm tu.

Problem ke pregnancy ni?! So i trusted my most trusted teacher and Googled the answers... 'Cramps during early pregnancy' ' losing appetite in first trimester' 'symptoms comes and goes'.

Phew~ glad to know that im not the only one having these and its ac- tually normal. Tapiiiiiiiiii i will tanye gak doctor nnti just to calm me down. :-)

Next ANC appointmnt is on the 28th. Yeay! My first real appointment wth a gynae!! Feeling mommy to be already ni. In the meantime, i am also tryung to seriously cutting dwn on my ciggies. Nk stop mendadak tk boleh. Tkt stressful to me. So im cutting to 10/day, then 8 staring esok, then 5 only before quitting! Yess... Akhirnya.. InsyAllah.... Maybe this time i boleh quit ngan senang..

Till next time!
Assalammualaikum semua

The day i found out - Part II

Heyya heyya, remember earlier i was relating my first hours post-finding out im preggers? Now here's the continuation.

After the visit to the doctor and confirming mu pregnancy, we went back to my parents. Nak break the news to mama first.

"ma, i got sumthing to tell you.." "knape?"
Rub tummy and instantly mama menjerit "serious? Betul ni??! ALhamdulillah"

Terus mama bgn and hug me and cried. Best feeling ever. It was very short coz mama tgh rush to get aome work done for her meeting in an hours time.

Well, ayah pun about the same lah. Hehheeehe. Sronok tgk mama n ayah happy mcm ni. Terus...... "Jgn lasak2 sgt. U susah nk sangkut, jage elok2" "jaga diri, stop smoking" and the list continues.........

Shortly pastu, we drove bck to keramat. Ingat tk nk bgtau dulu, or nl sowh kiki break the news to his family... Masuk2 je pintu, die dh announce kt ive got sumthing to tell. Cycle continues with all my in-laws breaking into shouts n tears and more hugging. Alhamdullilah..... I am liking the feeling this news brings..

Time tu, dh brape kali dh dalam mase brape jam i mengalir air mate. Seyes emotional abis.

Kn jumpa Mak Esah pulak pasni (you should remember her frm one of my earlier posts). Mak urut2 n bg air yasin.. And Mak nasihatkan sowh amalkan zikir Ya Mubdi. Dgn niat supaya Allah kekalkan kandungan ini.. InsyAllah, akan amalkan sekerap mungkin.


Skarang ramai gak yg dh tau esp ppl on fb. Thanks for all the congrats and well-wishes! Thanks for keeping me in your doa.

Nov 16, 2012

The day i found out

Last Wednesday was the happiest day in my life. Lepas all the turbulance of trying to conceive, akhirnya, dengan izin Allah SWT, doa kami dimakbulkan... Alhamdulillah...
I was actively into my health-concious stage. Getting all hyped up with bootcamp for the two weeks prior to the date. Ntah macam mane, tergerak hati nak check since mmg dah lambat beberape hari dh pun. My main concern was, i have been super active in the intensive bootcamp, misal kate if i preggy, mcm mane? Risau gak. Dahlah nk conceive kemain susah, so i rather not take the risk. if the result -ve, then takpelah, at least i know.
So pegi lah beli home pregnancy kit. This time around, i wasn't as excited to check like the many months before. Bile test, terkejut tgk laju je indicator tu tukar colour. Knowing from experience, it definitely shows im +ve! Tapi still macam tak caye. So kelam kabut check kotak. Okaay... Betul ke ni??! Alhamdulillah, bu betul ke??
'Kenape sayang?'
'Awak. Saya rase saya pregnant. Saya pregnant lah!'
Dengan muka n suara mamai 'Alhamdulillah. Mane awak tau?'
'Cer awak tgk indicator ni.'
'Cammane nk tgk ni? Cammaner nk tau pregnant ke tak?'
'A'ah lah.. Alhamdulillah.. Nanti kite gi check doctor ye.'
So itulah kejadian pada kul 7.30am, 14 November 2012.
Contemplating to check with the doctor. Thought that its still too early to check and i should just wait maybe till end of the month. But instinct (and tonnes of excitement) told me to do so on the same day. Esp because i was geared up for 3 straight days of bootcamp. Actually dah prepare ingat lepas bgn nk wat Jillian nyer workout. Terbantut semua.
Tapi blank skejap. So dah tau nak buat ape? Nak gi doctor ape? Gynae or normal doc? Nak cakap ape? Rase mcm org bodoh lah jugak kan. So after i composed myself, sembang lah ngan Tuty and Kak Nani. Both told me to head to the gynae for confirmation and advise on my workout regime.
Akhirnya, after bfast, we headed to Hospital UMRA. Memula nak check kat METRO IVF, but decided on UMRA since we didn't have to wait and METRO IVF is a little costly.
Blaablaabla, waited for nearly an hour before being called to see the doctor. Don't remember her name, nanti update ape name die. Nice lady, then chit-chatted a little wth history, thn she said lets do the scan.
Can't see anything yet, just round thick ball. Then she said im 4 weeks pregnant.. omorrow will be my 5th week already. Heheeehe. No congratulations pun from her. What a bummer.
----- to be coninued ----- kene keje ------

My progress: 4wks 6days

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