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May 19, 2014

Your First Steps

Sayang Mama! You chose the best day to make your first unassisted steps!! Yes. UNASSISTED! Ni makna nyer, Ilan bangun sendiri, diri sendiri without holding anything and made the steps.

18 May 2014, at 10 months 1 week. Thank you for waiting and choosing a time when i'm at home to witness. Nak tau, Mama happy yang teramat tgk Ilan jalan.

Tapi actually the best Mama Moment for me was right before you lifted your tiny feet to make that first step. Its the way you looked at me from across the room and that smile... That smile that melted my heart. Its like you telling me. Mama.. Look at me. I love you.... And when u actually walked towards me, my heart jumped!

Yeay! Anak Mama dah jalan. Alhamdulillah..

Nak tau tak Ilan, Nekbu slalu crite that Papa start jalan at 10 months. Makna nyer Ilan and Papa start jalan at about the same time. Hehehehee.. Suka tak?

And smalam Ilan very hyper. You were moving SO fast! Climbing down from the sofa, to crawling around. All in lightning speed. I guess you can't wait to grow up and play and be independent.

You thought walking was boring. So u started to climb! Arrgh! MAMA HEART ATTACK!

Mama rasa being around kids your age makes you wanna do what they do too. Mama tgk Ilan happy je bila surrounded by your cousins.

Skit lagi kay Ilan. Mama lom puas nk manjakan Ilan. Belum puas nak berkepit ngan Ilan.

May 16, 2014

10 months - Our journey so far...

10 months.. Where did my baby go.. Tatau lah kenapa, tetiba emo plak tgk my soon-to-be toddler ni membesar.

Rasa mcm baru je tengok dia lahir; then his first smile, then, his first laugh and his many other firsts.. Now rasa macam he will soon be taking his first unassisted steps.

Ilan Aydeen Bin Marzuki. My promise is this. "Untuk selama2 nya, mama akan sentiase sayang and mendoakan kebahagiaan awak." Insyallah...

Okay.. Sat ye, nak lap-lap skit. Mata berabuk plak.

Haritu kita celebrate first Mama's Day kat Penang ngan the whole family. Semua org ada. Ilan was the happiest baby I see.

u look so calm <3

You hated the sand. eee.. Penggeli rupa nyer.
Seeing that you are so brave, banyak benda mama dah excited nk ajar Ilan! Mama nak ajak Ilan see the world. Mama nak ajar Ilan culture2 yang berbeza dari apa yang kita tengok setiap hari. Tapi ni kene tunggu lah dulu ek. Mama n Papa usahakan.

Ilan, you are my little brave Kahuna! Even Papa was scared to come near :)

Mama nak ajar Ilan sesuatu yang Papa slalu cakap kat mama.

"Biar orang kata kita miskin duit.. Tapi jangan sekali2 miskin adap." - Papa Ilan Aydeen

Mama nak Ilan Aydeen belajar dari Papa. Respect ngan orang tua, dengar cakap, santun berbahasa. Those are the perfect qualities of your Dad that you should inherit. Mama in the process of learning them too.

Owh lupa plak nak cerita. Hahahaaa. U had ur first major bump (benjol) last week. In the efforts of teaching you to be stronger, I resisted running to you, picking you off the floor and consoling you. Instead I clapped my hands and said "Yeay! Ilan strong boy!"

Sumpah. It's not that I want to see you hurt. Jatuh jantung mama bila dgr Ilan nangis. Kalau ikutkan hati, nak je stop semua benda that instant and hug you sampai sakit tu hilang. But I know, if I do that. I will hurt you much more in the future.

Hentakan padu di tepi katil! Ouch!

Tapi mmg sangkaan Mama betul. U'r a strong brave little man! Nangis pun skejap je and ur back to your ol' self. Terus panjat tempat lain pulak.

I guess it's true when they say "Boys will be boys". I'm still learning the process of being a mother. I am not perfect but I shall be the closest to perfect for you.

One day, I hope I match your standards of what a perfect mom is.

Ilan Aydeen Bin Marzuki. Ni lah dia THE Marzuki behind ur name :)

For now, let's take these steps together. MAMA LOVES YOU ILAN AYDEEN BIN MARZUKI!! TO THE MOOOOOOON & BACK!!

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