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Jun 22, 2011


Last night, i had a terrible dream. Not really a nightmare, just a bad bad dream. In that dream, i was very much pregnant and is thin is nearing my due date. It was real. I could feel the baby bump, could actually feel the pain, could remember the awkward feeling walking and the rush of going into labour.

All that feels good and i like it. Now here comes the bad part. I was ready to go into delivery, when suddenly, my tummy went flat. The baby went POOF! and just vanished. No more bump, no more pain no more baby. I panicked and did not remember much after that. Woke up feeling sad.. So so sad..Signs? Sigh..

This morning, when i related the dream to mama, she said maybe it happened coz i was constantly thinking of getting pregnant and somewhat or rather, it got to the better of me. I know about the strong desires of wanting something really badly could lead to dreams but if its in a bad way? What does it show?

"Ya Allah ya tuhanku, murahkan lah rezeki kami dan kurniakan lah kami dengan cahaya mata.. Amin.. "

Jun 16, 2011


My first post in my Baby Hopes blog. hah.. what do i say? Hye baby to be? i'm really hoping u'll arrive one day? Hmm.. Okay, here goes.. I got married last December and i'm terribly wanting a baby. Maternal clock's ticking so loud that i can't even seem to hear myself think. 

In two days, we'll celebrate our 6th monthsary (whatever that is). No inkling of a bun in the oven. Having my period now. I'm now taking Folic Acid to help me conceive. I think i shall treat this as a personal blog so one day my baby (if i do get one) will be able to read it and know how hard it is to get him/her.
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