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Baby Wishlist

Hehee.. Just a list of my wants & needs for the welcoming of the new baby. Though it may seem to early, but what the heck rite??!

1. The ultimate baby stroller from Stokke. Stokke® Xplory®

It would be great to have the LE Blue Melange one, but... i would settle for any colour if given the chance
to own one!

Dis amaziiiing stroller can be found @, bebehaus,


2. Tiny Tapir Moby Wrap - BOUGHT! couldn't resist it. They were having a warehouse sale.

We got the one on the top picture. His money, so his choice lah. I couldn't care less if its girly or boyish.


3. Maxi Cosi Opal car seat


4. Nuna Leaf baby rocker

affordable! its priced at RM800 in expos



Mohd Hilmi said...

Nuna tu bli kt mana rm800? sy survey dlm rm899 jugak..

Jackson said...

Awesome post for nuna pepp stroller. Thanks a lot for posting this post! i am willing to buy a nuna pepp stroller. if you help me that how this way for finding the best way for it, i have mind you for future. Thanks!

Parenting Pick said...

I was getting ready for my bath but daddy took me for a quick spin around the house to try it out, he is so silly...we chased Harley around, I loved it!
Read about the best infant car seat reviews. Thanks!

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