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Mar 21, 2014

Dah 8 months?!

What?! Dah 8 months??! Where did all the time go.. huuhu. My baby's growing owh so fast and im already beginning to miss him.

Banyak dah yg Ilan dah achieve since i last updated. Dah leh duduk sendiri.. Dah leh makan.. Dah kenal org..

Skang ni dia dah perasan big boy sgt. He detests sleep. Owh boy. Macam mana lab nak membesar anak bertuah sorg ni.

Ni dia.. my little big boy.

Baby Food - Super Popeye Porridge

Ilan's favourite porrige so far!! It amazes me how much he loves it albeit the yucky appearance after blending.

1. A handful of brown rice
2. Japanese anchovies
3. Corn
4. Bayam merah/spinach - a fat tie
5. Beef
6. Carrots

Packed full of calcium, carbs, protein etc etc!!

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