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Dec 30, 2013

Review: Ergobaby Sport Carrier vs. Moby Wrap

I'm a big big fan of baby wearing as y'all know and maybe you have read in my earlier post (click here to see post).

So after baby wearing with a Moby Wrap (click here to site) and an Ergobaby, (click here to site) here's my review:

Moby Wrap: Ilan @ 3 months
Ergobaby Sport: Ilan @ 5 months

Moby (Pros)

1. Super comfort for baby due to its snugness - Ilan IMMIDIATELY calms down from a screaming fit when placed in his Moby. And more often then not, will fall into deep sleep.
2. Thanks to its broad shoulder support (u can either wear it up or spread widely over your shoulder and back), you don't feel tired or sore even after wearing baby for hours
3. Easy cleaning (just throw it into the washing machine with your other laundry)
4. Multi-functional (can also be used as a blankie, sleeping mat, nursing cover etc). Saves space for travelling
5. No risk of hip-dysplasia (Read here!)
6. Lets baby grow with the Moby. Can be worn from newborn right up to whenever they feel like it. Adjustable hip support, shoulder height etc (ever changeable, just wrap it according to your need)
7. When baby sleeps or nursing while on the go, just spread the shoulder part over baby's head for instant support and comfort.
8. LOOKS GOOD on fashionable mummies and daddies :)

Moby (Cons)
1. Too lengthy, and can be troublesome to wrap especially when baby is screaming and you have nowhere to put him down (this is when you are out alone)
2. Pricey (we got ours for RM179 at a warehouse sale)
3. Could get a little hot for baby and you (for Malaysian weather but ok for mall usage) especially if you are easily sweaty and hot.

Ergobaby Sport (Pros)

1. Easy no-fuss wearing (seriously. it took me less than a minute the first time I wore it!) MUCH LOVE!!
2. Thick padded waist support helps in supporting baby
3. No risk of hip-dysplasia
4. Material and locks tough enough to withstand age
5. Thick shoulder padding ensures no aching shoulders
6. Detachable, snap-on head hood (applicable for Sport only) for head support during nursing or sleep
7. Not as hot as Moby as the Sport version uses thinner material thus also making it the lightest of the 3 Ergo types.

Ergobaby (Cons)
1. PRICEY!! It retails in Malaysia at RM464 (we got ours used from at RM160)
2.not as multi functional as the Moby
3. Can't figure out how to snap-on the back shoulder clip myself. Un-doing it is easy.

4. Loads of imitation ones n safety might be breached wth those imitations. So be careful

So after reading this review, surely u may think i'm done with the Moby. Owh no no no. Will definitely use it again! Not selling! Hope this helps in making your decision.. Happy baby wearing!

Dec 26, 2013

Review - Allerhand Messenger Diaper Bag

Kay. Semua orang sure teruja nak beli diaper bag masa dapat tau preggy kan? Me too.. me too.. Kitorg slalu usha org guna diaper bag apa and thru our observation, memang ramai guna simple dimple nyer hard shell diaper bags, so bila ada expo je, teruslah beli yang tu.
Our first diaper bag
Best lah gak, everything gak leh fit in it, dari baju berset-set, ke toiletries, ke diaper yang banyak ke bottle. Semua leh sumbat dalam tu. No complains actually, cuma don't like carrying it.
Satu hari tu kitorg gi peekaboo kat shah alam, aahhhh.... Cantik nyer... Best nyer... Banyak nyer accessories...
2nd trip there, I bought it. Agak mahal lah for a diaper bag (after discount was about RM400 plus), but I lurrve it, so kopak poketku.

Tapi seriously, here come the review of the bag:
*click here to go to allerhand's official site.

1. Looks cool - ni Kiki pun kata dia suka, and even if dah takde baby he would still use it daily for his laptop

2. Reasonably sized - Takde lah besar sangat sampai Nampak mcam luggage. Tapi sides dia ada expandable zippers to adjust the width

3. Comes complete with "petit pockets" or mini bags with clips/hooks for pacifier, handphone, bottle, first aid kit etc.

4. Thick padded water resistant material

5. Detachable insulated bottle holder for cold or hot drinks

6. Long key strap, pen loops, zipped purse pocket

7. Multifunctional detachable accessories: PVC free padded changing mat (35 x 55 cm), insulated bottle holder, pacifier/coin/candy pocket, mobile/MP3 pocket, transparent zip pouch, first aid pouch and 10 Biodegradable Nappy Bags / All Purpose Sacks
Semua pockets and compartments dalam this bag sangat useful tau. We've used every single one. It saves me from needing to hangkut bag lain2. Contoh, I don't need to carry the thermal bag anymore coz dalam bag ni dah ada insulated tall and short bottle compartments for my bm. And when Ilan dah besar sikit, and no longer bfeeds, this compartment can be used for his food bags.
Pastu ade mini pouch slide for my coins and other small items. This is what packing for an overnight trip looks like:
Satu lagik yang best is that the changing mat is not PVC and padded and has Velcro so it sticks to the bag when changing. Takdelah bersepah bag kemana, baby kemana kan.
Ilan's first mall trip. And the first use for the allerhand. Rasa nyer time ni I baru habis pantang. Means he's around 2months :)
Highly recommended! Pasni bile Ilan dah school, nak beli gak lah Allerhand nyer school bags. Hehehheee

Dec 24, 2013

Jatuh duup huwaaaaargh!!

Ahah! Lama kan aiiii menghilang. Too many things happp-PENING rite now. Baru lah dapat setle down sikit.
Kita buat updates laju2 n pendek2 jelah eh for now. Ilan Aydeen dah 5months 2weeks now. Pandai berguling2 dah.. Hahahahaa.
Hokay. Pengalaman paling scary yang I lalui semenjak menjadi seorang mama is the time Ilan jatuh katil. Yes.. Sangat sedih...
Ever since Ilan dah pandai berguling at 4months 3weeks, we have a strict NO BED POLICY that we adhere to. Kitorg 3 beranak tido tilam je. Katil tu sememangnye just jadi hiasan. On the day after my brother's akad nikah, bawak Ilan naik nap tgh hari.. Mase tu memang penat sangat. Mana tak nyer, dengan kita dok kemas rumah, pastu siapkan gubahan hantaran etc. So ingatkan skejap je, kita placed him on his mat betul2 tengah-tengah katil.
Memula kita tak tido lagik. Siap sempat zuhur dulu, then ber-facebook skejap, then tgk macam dia tak bgn barulah terlelap sebelah dia. Tau2 "Huwaaaaargh!!!"
Pusing sebelah anak takde. Dengar suara dia dari lantai.
"Ya Allah! Anakku!!"
Tengok Ilan kat lantai, next to the stand fan. Luluh jantung. Cepat2 angkat dia, usap2 kepala dia, urut2 tengok ada bengkak ke luka kat memane. Lembik rasa kaki..
Untuk taktau brape lame, I was shivering and the only thing that I mampu utter was "Mama sorry Ilan, mama sorry. Mama tak sengaja. Mama sorry sayang.." Repeat and repeat benda sama. Nangis pun tak, Ilan je yang menangis. I dah macam in-shock.
Kita bawak Ilan gi toilet and wash his face... Kesian, he must have also been in shock. Wipe sikit muka dia and then nurse him.. He calmed down and terus tido on my boobs. Time ni baru my tears flow.
I tak bgtau sesiapa till much later in the day. Time ni rumah tengah ramai sedara mara coz esok my brother nyer recep. I don't think I can handle being yelled at by others. So I let it be, not telling, not telling.
Bila Kiki balik that night, barulah kita cite kat dia. He was worried but understanding enough. Dia kate lets monitor him for a couple of days. If he shows symptoms then we go get him checked (ni pun mmg advised frm the doctor).
Actually Ilan kalu bunyik ek sikit pun kita dah terjaga. I think I was too exhausted that day tu yang tak sedar bila Ilan terjaga. Subhanallah...
Alhamdulillah he's all good rite now. Tengok gambar kat bawah ni. This is how he rolls bila dia bangun or tengah main2.
Hahaha. U can't catch me!
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